Free: Surviving the College Admissions Madness

Unlike any book written about higher education, Surviving the College Admissions Madness is a complete takedown of a deeply flawed and thoroughly broken system. Unconventional, irreverent, and entertaining, Kevin Robert Martin argues that elite universities do not care about their applicants. This isn’t another Admissions 101 “how-to to write a killer essay” book or a promise of “six easy steps” for Ivy League acceptance. Instead, Admissions Madness is the first of its kind to integra... [Read More...]

Free: Destiny’s Demise

After years of debunking the supernatural, Louisiana might be the end for Daniel Myers. When a fan of his work commits suicide, it is up to Daniel to overcome his past and find the evidence the police overlooked. Evidence that some would prefer never became public. Destiny’s Demise is the first novella in the Daniel Myers Mysteries series. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Escape to Osprey Cove

Doug has grown up poor, envying what others have. So when he meets wealthy Catherine, he thinks she is his ticket to all he desires. After marrying her for her wealth, he finds that he covets one more thing — independence. The mystery begins with a discovery in the secret compartment of his new Corvette that will grant him this independence and change his and Catherine’s life forever. Catherine finds an escape at The Osprey Cove Lodge and an opportunity to rebuild her life. Who does... [Read More...]

Tomorrows End

“It’s mind-blowing for sure. I repeat. This book blew my mind. (Cozy With Books) It’s the type of book where, were it to be a Youtube video and if I were to do any form of drugs I’d comment, “I’m way too high for this s***.”- 10-time award winning author, G.R. Morris writes, “A philosophical fiction that blends The Matrix and Hellraiser, It gives answers to free will and the meaning of life. A coming-of-age story where a teenager becomes a superpowere... [Read More...]

To Heal A Heart

This is the story of Cate Adams and Dr. Derek Coburn from Take Another Chance – Book 1 in the Second Chances DO Happen! series. After watching her mom’s devastation from a divorce, Cate vows to never let a man get that close to HER. So, it’s no surprise when her dating life turns out to be lackluster (severe understatement!) That is until she meets Dr. Derek Coburn, a hunky emergency physician extraordinaire. Both of them have been hurt in the past. Yet, something stronger tha... [Read More...]

Free: Life Advice for Teens from an Ageless Grandma

Being a teen isn’t easy during the best of times, and times haven’t been the best! Lots of people have good advice. You just never know when certain, words, tips, or ideas will click and connect, so it’s helpful to learn from various sources. “Life Advice for Teens from an Ageless Grandma” contains realistic suggestions from a teacher-librarian who has worked with teens for decades. (She’d count them, but she’s ageless.) Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Seek To Please: A Billionaire, Contemporary, Instalove:Seeking In Romance Book #1

Maya I have worked hard to earn my Senatorial position. I’m determined to do what’s right, and keep my life free from scandal, but that proves difficult when one night out at Club Seek threatens my career and reputation. Note: These characters first appeared in (Every time We Touch) Wet Heat book 2. Seeking in Romance novella series is dealing with Adult language, explicit content. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Palace of the Stars

Richly realised and highly evocative time travel tale. Splendid wordcraft explores the redemptive value of love, friendship, and the possibilities of human consciousness ? nonetheless, The Palace of the Stars is a thrilling narrative of romance, magic, and mystery! Finalist in the 2021 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Check out the gorgeous video trailer: $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]