Kat and Bella: The Compilation

Kat and Bella: The Compilation
Kat and Bella stories 1 to 5 all in one volume.

Story 1: A Business Idea
Beautiful, friendly, and a formidable force. Kat and Bella love sex. What’s more, they’re good at it. One evening, a one night stand doesn’t quite go to plan and they’re given an idea to earn money, mega money. But can they go through with it?

Story 2: So It Begins
It’s their first day on the job. In walks Alan, a giant with a problem only the girls can solve.

Story 3: Mistakes Made
Embarking on a new business direction always comes with risks, however, the sex industry provides more risks than most people can take on. Kat and Bells love risks but now they’re truly established in the sex coaching world, Kat discovers the hazards are just too high. She has too much to lose.

Can she pull it back?

Story 4: The Intensity Mounts
Kat is ready to take on another client with Bella being the subject for the lesson. However, can Kat handle the heat when Leo turns up with quite the surprise? Can Bella cope with such a mammoth task?
Will honesty prevail at last?

Story 5: Resignation
Kat and Bella are happy, horny and in need of money. Will diving back into their adult activity coaching be the answer to their prayers? Or will everything come crashing down? $0.99 on Kindle.
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