Free: My Chaotic Light: A restless path to become worthy

My Chaotic Light: A restless path to become worthy
Loren struggled to convince academics of her research to improve creativity through guided intuition. When she pushed that frustration into darkness, it took form. One frightful night, she was overwhelmed by a dark presence and called for help. After banishing that entity, the guide arranged a learning, intuitive path suited to her restless energy. She learnt much along the way, although her hasty actions sometimes came with a price. When it was time, ill-formed soul experiments resurfaced from an age long gone, created by her kind in a past life. Had she learnt enough to help them? Was she worthy?

Readers have described this book as realistic, relatable and insightful. It is a rare, enjoyable gem filled with surprises, support and understanding. Free on Kindle.
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