WHITE CROW: How Those in the Afterlife Saved Those Left Behind

When Claire LaRue, an evidential medium, arrived in the small north Alabama town of Sheffield, she could have never predicted the perilous, life-altering events the future held for her and her twelve year old daughter. Her gift of bringing forth verifiable evidence from those across the veil brings indescribable joy and enlightenment to loved ones who remain in the physical world. For many, Claire’s gift answers the questions mankind has struggled with since the beginning of time. When we die, do we cease to exist? Is there life after death? For others, her gift poses a threat and is seen as an abomination that must be swiftly and severely dealt with. And the end justifies the means.

WHITE CROW has 20 reviews on AMAZON and all are 5 STAR reviews. It has 2 reviews on Goodreads and both are 5 STAR reviews. $2.99 on Kindle.
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