Only for Forever

Only for Forever

Small town doctor. Big-time heartbreak. What happens when the man you hate becomes the father of your baby? Falling for Grant Rossi has disaster written all over it—for several reasons. First, he’s a self-entitled asshole. Second, he blames me for his last relationship imploding. (Which for the record, it wasn’t my fault). Third, when that man speaks, my body melts into a puddle of goo. It started when I stupidly agreed to go on one date with him. That then ended up with one night in his bed. The shower.The counter.A pilates machine. I knew better than to fall for his filthy talking antics, but my body craved him in ways even I don’t understand. If only that’s where the disaster ended…He got me pregnant. I fell in love. We both experienced a loss so great we only had each other to hold on to. Then piece by piece, he put my heart back together…only to turn around and destroy it. $0.99 on Kindle.

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