Awakening (Realm Killer Book 1)

Awakening: Realm Killer Book 1
Surrounded by gods and monsters, Chase Ambrose is the one truly to be feared.

In a hospital room in New York, my eyes opened to a world far more than it appears. Gone was my carefree existence as I found myself stalked by creatures believed to be fantasy.

Fallen angels.

Murderous demons.

Traitorous allies.

And everything in-between.

Why they are targeting me, I have no clue… yet I intend to find out. They thought they could manipulate me by threatening those I hold dear. They’re dead wrong. Power is emerging from within me, accompanied by strength I can’t ignore. To protect those I love, I won’t stop until I’ve learned to wield it like a sword.

I didn’t ask to be part of this world, but I refuse to be its pawn… $2.99 on Kindle
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