Free: Diffidentia

Tingo the diffident dwarf is…well…diffident. A trait that has ruled his life and caused him to turn to drink to compensate for that lost feeling he always has.

Now, about to lose his job and his home, Tingo is chosen to undertake the nine Royal Relic Champion deeds to determine the true ruler of Dangally.

But when he discovers that he himself has a bigger part to play in the destiny of his realm, he must become the protector the people want, and prevent the bogus monarch from marrying the Princess Aliza of Haerie and plunging all Haerie Dangallese into a bucketful of the King’s objectionable spurn. Free on Kindle.

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"Diffidentia" by Benjamin Stones was first posted on on June 20th, 2021. Each day we feature new free and discounted Kindle books in the Science Fiction & Fantasy genre as well as all other genres.

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