Alpha Bear’s Nanny: A Bear Shifter Romance

Alpha Bear's Nanny: A Bear Shifter Romance
A chance meeting, changed the trajectory of both their lives.

Life was busy and I was barely keeping up.
Mom was really sick and work could have been better.
I loved my job at the zoo, the animals anyways. The people left something to be desired.
Most people anyways.
Adam was different. He was rich, handsome, with a devilish smile that made my body respond in kind.
He showed empathy for animals that made my heart melt. He cared.
Adam was also there one day and gone the next.
I forgot about him and only dreamed about him on occasion, the man that made me wonder.
When fate brought him back into my life, Adam was there to save me the second time around.
I needed a miracle, but I was afraid of what would happen if I accepted it.
Adam had a hold on me, which I would soon learn was stronger and more permanent, then I ever imagined.

My life was in shambles, with more than half of my clan dead.
My wife and son were gone. Life was really sticking it to me.
After months of searching, I find my son, in the care of Evangeline.
I feel the immediate attraction, but she is human, and I know that I must ignore it. It’s not meant to be.
When fate brings Evangeline back in my life, I can no longer deny the feelings that flooded me every time I’m around her.
One night I finally get her agree to go out with me, after I hired her as my son’s nanny.
I would have done anything to have kept her close.
My bear comes out that evening, claiming her and scaring her away.
Not only do I have to worry about an enemy bent on my destruction, but also losing the only woman that had ever made me feel alive.
I wasn’t ready to give up that feeling, and I was willing to do anything to get her back in my arms.
Willing to do anything, left everything open.

Fate was not done with Adam and Evangeline. They would be brought together one last time, when Evangeline needed to be rescued. Adam was right there to save her, claiming her as his prize and not taking ‘no’ for an answer. $0.99 on Kindle

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