Fresh Water

When conservation officer Beth Morrison hears the stories of a shark in the waters of an Indiana lake chain, she, like everyone else, dismisses the idea as fantasy. Beth not only must put up with the tales, she also has to navigate her way through the chauvinistic attitudes of her fellow law enforcement officers while dealing with the reemergence of a former love interest who had betrayed her several years prior. Her new assignment throws her right in the middle of a hostile residential feud and finds her coming face to face with Mark Taylor – the man who had once crushed her soul. Mark’s daughter, Casey, must convince Beth and the others of the existence of the shark. The pair must set aside their differences and work together to track down the bull shark before tragedy strikes again. With another muggy Indiana summer weekend approaching, they’re up against the clock to prevent the creature from discovering its next meal. $0.99 on Kindle.

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