Free: Ryken Augmented – The Excessum Induction Saga

Ryken Augmented: The Excessum Induction Saga

Ryken Augmented is an action/adventure novel that tells the story of a teenage boy by the name of Samané Lutrio living in the Laevus nation. This page turning saga invokes laughter, anger and despair as Samané and his friends go through the joyous, yet bitter days of their teenage lives. With his father dead for more than seven years now, Samané struggles to find his way in life while trying desperately to hold his family together. This continuous inner conflict within Samané is hidden by his cool, nonchalant exterior until one day his brother leaves home and he is unable to hold his emotions back anymore. As Samané courageously pursues his delinquent brother, Metis, he loses the best friend he’s ever had. Despite these tragic occurrences Samané learns the true meaning of perseverance, honor, and trust while plunging ever deeper into wicked territory. During his epic journey, Samané fights against the odds with the same determination as his deceased father, but in the presence of the Excessum, even that may not prove to be enough…Free on Kindle.

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