I Am Game – Initiation: Gamelit LitRPG Fantasy

I Am Game - Initiation: Gamelit LitRPG Fantasy
Constellation, the home planet of peaceful advanced beings, is suddenly ravaged by a virus of alien origin.
Aquarius, as the leader of Constellation, hatches a plan for a daring mission to break into the top lab of the alien race to find the cure. His own team members, however, have their own hidden agendas.

Constellation tasks a team of six brave souls, code named Stealth 6, to set out on a daring mission to break into the alien stronghold to find the virus antidote. Team is led by Scorpio, their master code breaker and a gaming genius recruited from Earth by Aquarius. Scorpio has her own checkered past to deal with. Can she lead this team of misfits to success? Can this group overcome the odds?

Each level of their adventure has higher degree of risk, more complexity but also greater reward. There are weapons, powering up, scores to keep and big bosses to slay!

Follow Scorpio’s journey as she tries to conquer all the levels with her Stealth 6 unit and tries to save Aquarius’ Constellation home planet!

If you love epic LitRPG, Gamelit Fantasy Adventures, this is the book for you! $0.99 on Kindle.

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