The Dragred’s Deception

Get lost in this exciting and lighthearted fantasy novel that takes you on a journey of a lifetime. This 5-star book will give you hours of entertainment.

Antar is a dwarf, fierce and strong. His passion to do the right thing can be driven by the wrong motives. As he begins to take his part in what is later called, The Battle of Asteria, he soon realizes his strengths and weaknesses. He and his friends slowly learn what the enemy is planning and have an opportunity to help stop them. This feat will take courage and strength as well as teamwork. This novel is an exciting tale of Antar who seeks to get revenge, and freedom for his people in the Silver Mountains. Along the way, he learns much and sees new things he had only dreamed of. The adventure is perilous and dangerous. Death and destruction are near at hand. Can Antar help save his people from the evil enemies? $0.99 on Kindle.

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