Mentally Ill: A Memoir of Resilience

Mentally Ill: A Memoir of Resilience
A true story of addiction, mental illness, and the triumph of the human spirit…

Alone, out on the streets, and suffering from devastating mental illness, Antonio lived a life few could imagine. Suffering trauma and abuse at a young age, he grew up feeling lost, and alone. But despite his struggles and hardships, he survived,
and managed to heal from the psychological scars of his past…

Now, Author Antonio Cosner shares his experiences dealing with an abusive childhood, and the terrible ramifications it had on his adult life. From bullying and sexual addiction to drugs and life as a runaway, his journey was a harrowing descent into pain and self-destruction. But despite all his hardships, he was able to pull his life together, graduate college, and find work in the United States Army Reserve.

This heartfelt memoir is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. A sobering look at the true face of mental illness. And a rallying cry to all those who suffer from pain and addiction: You are not alone.

And there is hope…$4.69 on Kindle.

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