Eternal Answers: What is a Sense of Life

Eternal Answers: What is a Sense of Life
When you ask yourself what is the meaning of life, you try to find the answer in literary works on this topic.

The book “Eternal Answers” is the very answer, after reading which you will learn:

What is a sense of life?

How to make yourself happy?

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is a soul?

What is my purpose?

How to find your goal?

And much more…

Eternal Answers is much more than just a book; it is a roadmap for your spiritual journey. A journey that will change your life.

Fulfilling the purpose for which you were created takes you from survival or success to a meaningful life – the life you were meant to live.

This is a very deep book and at the same time understandable to everyone. After each line there is a thought that it couldn’t be better. Thanks to this knowledge, everything is laid out on the shelves, it is clear what to work on and where to go.

I recommend the book to those who have thought about the issues of the purpose and meaning of life, human nature, and to everyone who is looking for happiness. $0,99 on Kindle.

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