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The Alien Chronicles
Human girl. Alien entity. Disaster. Zoe Brennan has everything sorted. Finally, she’s good friends with the ultra-cool Jas and part of her popular group. She even has plans to make new boy, Chad Everett, fall for her. But on one disastrous day at the beach all that changes when she encounters Rion, an extremely annoying alien who informs her they are connected – for life. Bossy and egotistical, he has no hesitation in telling her that exercise, studying and green tea should take precedence over boys, parties and fast food. Like that was ever going to fly. But the trouble really starts when he turns up at East Valley High. Students, teachers and parents alike fall under his spell. Only Zoe knows his secret and even if she told her friends, no one would believe her. What is she going to do about her alien? Follow Zoe and Rion’s journey in this three-book series as they both navigate the dramas of high school and relationships. Maybe humans and aliens aren’t so different after all, even if one of them is 4000 years old. Close encounters were never so funny! Free to $3.99 on Kindle.

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