The Brides of Little Creede

The Brides of Little Creede
WANTED: Men and women, brave and resourceful enough to make a better life for themselves—and their loved ones—in the brand-new state of late-nineteenth-century Colorado.

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In the later 1800s, the silver mining craze easily caught up to the level of frenzy gold fever had already created, and men flocked to the Colorado Territory to try their luck at staking a mine and making a fortune. Colorado reached statehood in the summer of 1876, when silver fever was high. These newbie miners brought their sweethearts, their wives, and their families, enduring untold hardships in their bid for instant wealth. Some established themselves first, then sent for those sweethearts and family members to join them.

Their stories were amazing, thrilling, dangerous—and endlessly inspiring.

Little Creede, Colorado begins as a tiny mining town, supplying goods and rudimentary services to the Carter Mine and other, smaller mining claims and stakes. As the silver ore flows faster and easier, the town flourishes under the generosity of its residents, including the family whose silver stake proves bountiful: the Carter family. Their bravery in venturing West is the basis of the BRIDES OF LITTLE CREEDE series. The town gets bigger as miners find wives to marry and families to nurture, and smaller outlying mines incorporate into towns: Rocky Gulch, Cottonwood Springs, Prairie Lick. Larger towns such as Silver Cache, already established, become cities over the span of the series.

With silver bounty comes greed, avarice, and thievery from those who’d rather take from the hardworking folk than pave an honest way toward their own riches. The strength of those early miners who formed Little Creede and Rocky Gulch is tested again and again, as unsavory factions threaten what they have worked so hard to build.

The BRIDES OF LITTLE CREEDE series will span twenty-plus years, bringing readers through it all: from the town’s unassuming beginning, to the fortitude of the children who venture beyond their Colorado roots, make their fortunes and find their happiness—but never forget where they come from. Honesty and balance, power-play and a growing crime element moving West…it all serves to make its settlers determined to prevail.


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