Rough Warrior

He carried her off. Now he will make her his.

When Ailith’s village is raided by Vikings, it is the huge, fearsome warrior Ulrick who takes her as his prize. She does her best to fight him off, but a humiliating public display of her forced submission leaves her blushing crimson, and when her new master claims and ravages her for the first time Ailith begins to understand what it means to belong to a rough brute like him.

She is his property, his to use as savagely and shamefully as he pleases, and he is not going to be gentle with her. But even with her well-spanked bottom sore from a painful, embarrassing reminder of her place, Ailith cannot deny her body’s response to Ulrick’s stern dominance, and her need for him grows stronger each day.

Suddenly thrown into a battle for control of his clan, the appearance of a wealthy stranger from a far off land, and the hunt for lost gold coins, Ailith and her Viking conqueror must help each other if they are to survive.

But when she is offered her freedom, will she take it?

Publisher’s Note: Rough Warrior includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. $4.95 on Kindle.
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