Free: The Cleansing (A Psychological Thriller Apocalyptic Series)

The Cleansing ( A Psychological Thriller Apocalyptic Series )
Follow a young soldier, a military police officer in the RAF.

Living in a world that has been finely balanced upon a knife-edge for decades, although his knife-edge has always been different to everyone else. He is living in a world of his own, no friends, no family, no life outside of his job, even then he does it without really knowing why.

This book is a delve into the falsities of the world around him, he always wanted an easy way out, a battle to fall in, a bridge to fall off, an accident to happen to take it all away but the world has something else in stock, someone else in store for him.

The world spirals out of control extremely quickly, everything in the past on this level has taken years to break the planet, this takes mere days to collapse a shocked society into a war that has only one end, although the journey to get to that end is one that will take his mind through levels of mental torment that will make him wish he had the lonely life back all over again.

FEEL him as his mental health demons chase him into the impending end of days. We have all read about when Zombies did the world over, when lack of food or nuclear warfare destroyed humanity, this is none of that. This is a group that are so old fashioned that technology and all of her destructive power cannot prepare the earth for fighting against an army which seems older than it should be, a group of men who dress and fight as though this war is two hundred years old.

FEAR with him as his own demons roar at him, the cuts on his body burning once again with the blood spilled on and around him, the shaking and quivering from his past getting only worse and more painful as he struggles to see the point of it all.

By the end of this book he is a face that everyone knows, will he handle the responsibility? Will he jump into the abyss of reality? Will he fight the good fight? Or will he crawl through the ruins and just pray that someone comes and takes it all from him.

A Mental Health and unique walk through the apocalypse, a thriller and horror with elements of mind-warping pain, every event in this book is true to do with the main character, just edited for the science fiction world he finds himself in. Free on Kindle.

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