Something Even Better

Something Even Better

Akari Mahkali is a savvy investor who sees a business opportunity in Korean Boy band, X7. Her company’s Board of Directors aren’t thrilled about the idea of investing in show business, but reluctantly gives their approval. After months of overseas correspondence and trips to Korea, Akari closes the deal, and X7 journey to America to train under her guidance.

She makes the unusual decision to allow the group members to stay at her own 9-bedroom estate to stay on budget. During their initial encounters, the boys are curious about the alluring and mysterious American. After spending time with Akari, some of the group members begin to openly express their affection for her by playfully teasing, rubbing and touching her; this type of relationship is known as a skinship in Korea. But Akari’s hormones leave her wondering if their actions are skinship, or if the guys want something more.

Akari hires her ex-boyfriend Sho to lead X7’s choreography team. He sees her naughty needs grow; her lingering glances and her breathy voice as she speaks to the guys. To have some level of control over her again, Sho encourages some of the boys to kick their skinship up a few notches to seduce Akari.

As time passes, some of them make their move, and before she knows it, the ambitious woman finds herself in a new position. Several new positions, in fact. Akari isn’t sure where this road will lead her; it’s nothing she ever expected. This is Something Even Better. $2.99 on Kindle.

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