Bart’s Inferno

Bart's Inferno
Bartholomew hates to admit it, but he misses Samantha. A lot. Without her around, the ex-demon can’t even bring himself to enjoy a sinner’s paradise like Spring Break.

The angel-in-training hasn’t been seen or heard from since Gabriel assigned her to infiltrate a group led by Mastema, a former angel who once convinced Bartholomew to join Lucifer in his rebellion against Heaven. Mastema even won over Samantha, persuading her to steal the blueprint to Hell, which features secret rooms and passages unknown to everyone Downstairs, even Lucifer.

With the blueprint, Mastema can free her angelic lover Belial and their army, the Sons of Darkness. Together, they once corrupted the world to its core, forcing God to wash everything away in Noah’s flood.

Heaven has assigned Marcus, one of their best agents, to hunt down Samantha and the blueprint. But Bartholomew doesn’t buy Samantha’s treachery. He thinks she’s still on assignment, refusing to blow her cover. And he intends to prove it.

To clear Samantha’s name and stop Mastema from releasing Belial and the Sons of Darkness, Bartholomew will have to face some hard truths about himself and his hatred for Heaven. More importantly, he’ll have to prove you can go home again…Even if that home is Hell. $3.99 on Kindle.
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