God Must Be Crazy Enough

God Must be Crazy Enough
Writing a Biography is more enthusiastic and pleasures than writing an autobiography. As humans, we always tend to enjoy reading and writing of somebody else’s mistakes and then imagining that we will learn from their mistake, and we always ignorantly forget the fact that its same with others also eager to learn from our mistakes. There will always be an eagle waiting for the snake to sleep happily after eating a frog.

This is a small try to document the most memorable moments of my life, this work is not meant to publish and become notorious. I knew that the public will always be interested in short stories not with long boring uninterested series. This will be only for those beautiful evenings of my good old days of the 70’s and desperately wanted to recollect the wonderful memories of my life and bug my grandchildren with my young age stories and impress them.

It will be mean and dramatic to say thank you to all those stars, who are the part of my life and the story as without them my life wouldn’t have been this colorful and memorable. $1.00 on Kindle.
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