Meant to Be: An Age Gap Forbidden Romance (Heart of Hope)

Meant to Be: An Age Gap Forbidden Romance (Heart of Hope)
I needed a bodyguard to protect me from my violent ex – the one that got me pregnant. Dax seemed like the perfect man for the job… at first. It’s obvious that I have a “type” in men. Alpha, dominant, and… hot as hell? Dax’s strong arms cover and protect me everywhere I go. He’s ex-military and quite intense. The way he looks at me when I’m in danger tells me all I need to know about him. He’s broken, damaged, and closed off to love. I know he doesn’t have a heart anymore. But a part of me still won’t stop looking for it. Confessing my feelings to Dax is not an option…But there’s a secret growing inside me that I can’t hide anymore. Revealing it could shatter my heart to pieces, but what’s the alternative? Running away and never looking back? $0.99 on Kindle.
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