Puck the Bachelor Life

Puck the Bachelor Life

Being a bachelor is the only way to be.
Love is messy and, honestly, a pain in the ass.
I’ve got too many dreams to settle down. Especially as a pro-hockey free agent.
The world is mine, and with it comes loads of money, women, and fast cars.
Until I sign my best friend’s little sister as my new agent.
She’s not a little girl anymore, and damn… I’m in trouble.
The one thing she’s not putting up with is me.

Something about my rough disposition puts her off. Grumpy is the word she would use.
Whatever. It’s all part of the style that’s going to win her over for good.
Unfortunately, a misunderstanding threatens to tear down everything I’m working toward with her. Maybe my reputation preceding me isn’t a good thing anymore.
Either way, I thought I wanted to ride solo, but nah. Puck the Bachelor Life. $0.99 on Kindle.
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