The Big Daddies of LA: The Complete Collection

The Big Daddies of LA: The Complete Collection
The Big Controlling Daddies from Los Angeles are here to teach you things that you’ll enjoy. Five smoking hot age gap romances including a brand new story, “Daddy’s Protection”.Daddy’s Protection (Brand New Story)Believe me, I was never into older men. Until… a hot new neighbor caught my attention! Rhys isn’t like anyone I’ve ever dated. Or met through the world of modeling that I’ve conquered. He’s a former police officer. Protective, alpha, oh-so-irresistible. I knew I was in trouble when I woke up from a dream about him. It was one I’d be too shy to tell my friends about. But everything is not as perfect as it seems. Especially with a creepy stalker sending me texts. Ignoring him is not an option. Not with Rhys wanting to protect me with everything he’s got. The bad news? He may be right about the danger. The good news? I have him by my side. But what if this stalker is as dangerous as my abusive ex?What if I lose Rhys before I even get a chance to tell him how I feel?Other Books in the Collection: Daddy’s RulesDaddy’s TemptationDaddy’s Fake FiancéeDaddy’s Million Dollar Proposal $0.99 on Kindle.
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