Bourbon Bold

Bourbon Bold
She’s got a bucket list, and I’m hoping I’m on it.
Relationships should be short and sweet, or so I thought until I meet a woman who shows me what an idiot I’ve been.
An enchanting mix of innocence and sensuality, she’s part surgeon, part daredevil.
She wants my help with her bucket list, a list filled with adventure and a hint of danger.
The only thrills I’m seeking are in her bed, but once I find out how hot this filly runs, I know I can’t walk away.
We agreed our fling would last until the last item was crossed off the list, and now the clock is ticking.
But how do I convince her that I don’t want things to end?
How can I show her that I’m not just a toy and actually win her heart?
Time to be bold. $0.99 on Kindle.

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