The Nantucket Estate

The Nantucket Estate
The Frost family boasts the Nantucket Estate, an enormous and historic property on the magical island of Nantucket. This beach front estate rests so close to the shore that the sea mist sprinkled the children and family dog, Bear as they played in the yard. At the end of each day, the family fell asleep to the sweet sound of water crashing the rocks. The Frost family created lifelong memories at the estate.

The only problem is that no one is around to enjoy it anymore…

Elizabeth Frost is the glue that held the family together for so long, but not even she could keep her kids and the family in tact. A family secret splintered the family leading them to not speak to each other for years. This all changes when tragedy strikes once again and the siblings come home to Nantucket Island. What happens next, no one could predict.

A mysterious encounter with an unexpected character…

A journey to find love…

The risk of losing it all…

While on Nantucket island, you’ll meet some unforgettable characters who will feel like old friends and capture your heart right from the start.

Join the Frost family as they discover that family matters most, everyone deserves a second chance, and love conquers all. $0.99 on Kindle.

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