Taken by the Hitman: An Older Man/Younger Curvy Girl Romance

Taken by the Hitman: An Older Man/Younger Curvy Girl Romance
A little ball of sunshine just ignited this hitman’s world. Kieran “Ghost” KnightNo one sees me, even when I’m standing right in front of them. Until I meet Savannah Greenway. She’s a little ball of sunshine with the sweetest smile. She sees me even though she shouldn’t. Even though it’s dangerous for her. She thinks I’m a good guy. I’m not. My past is littered with bodies. When I think about the future though, all I see is her. I have no business claiming her. That won’t stop me. I’ll walk through hell if that’s what it takes to make her mine. Savannah GreenwayKieran Knight appeared out of the dark like an avenging angel. He saved my life even though it cost him his job. He thinks I don’t know who he is. He’s wrong. I know he kills people for money. I know that should matter to me. It doesn’t. My past is full of pain. When I think about the future, all I want is him. Maybe I shouldn’t want him, but he was made for me. And I won’t give up until he sees it too.

If you enjoy growly hitmen, sassy heroines, and age-gap romance, you’ll love Kieran and Savannah’s sweet and steamy story! $0.99 on Kindle.

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