The Hot Mess

The Hot Mess
Jack Landson is off-limits. He’s my brother’s best friend and completely unobtainable.
I can fantasize about him all I want, but he barely notices me at all.

I accepted this fact long ago in high school.
He would never be anything more than a family friend.
Who wanted a real-life romance anyway,
When you could live vicariously through romance novels instead?

Well, I did…I decided. I was so tired of being the invisible bookworm.
I was determined to change my life, inside and out.
But I accidentally caught the attention of Jack in a way.

By changing myself and luring Jack in, will I end up changing him from the inside out too?
Or will I be sent crawling back into my safe shell, lost in my world of books? $0.99 on Kindle.

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