Free: A Girl, a Guy, and a Big Fat Lie

He can’t decide if he’s lucky or doomed…

A GIRL, A GUY AND A BIG FAT LIE is a romantic comedy set in western New York. Rowan Kavanagh takes over his father’s ski resort but had no idea the amount of renovations needed to make the place a success. When he runs out of money and defaults on the loan, his banker, Emma Fischer, is ready to start foreclosure proceedings. There’s only one problem. She is injured on his property and has no memory. The good news; she won’t be able to foreclose now. The bad news; she thinks Rowan is her husband and the teenage runaway on the property is their daughter. But with the possibility of Emma’s memory returning soon, will their fake family last or will Emma end up hating Rowan? Free on Kindle.

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