Unchained Affinity: An Uprooted Passion

Unchained Affinity: An Uprooted Passion
Deanna, as a teenager, quickly learned how to survive in the Detroit streets. You must learn fast, or die trying.

Survival depended on two things. If you need something, take it. And, she learned a unique manner to protect herself. A self-defense move she uses when she has to.

A new friend rescued her from the streets and into her home. Deanna cleaned up her act, dressed much better and learned to be social again. And, she discovered something new about herself. But, becoming a new person wasn’t all good. There was a price to pay.

All was good for a few years when greed took its reign. The time came to run, to leave the big city behind, a trail to follow…and a few dead bodies.

Bo Runyon was railroaded with swift justice. Convicted of murder, on his way to a Federal prison. He was handcuffed and chained while being transported. His life as he once knew it, was screwed.

But, he was unaware of a meticulously planned rescue and escape. He would never have suspected the person who arranged his freedom. The freedom to run.

Bo and his accomplice are being pursued by the law. And hunted by a private group who want them dead. People they fear the most.

What extremes do they go through to hide? And survive? Who can they trust?

With only each other, a passionate relationship develops. Deanna wrestles with her inner demon…she’s never had any empathy. Until Bo came along. Life becomes complicated.

Will this unlikely couple find peace? Money’s not the problem, but it can’t buy everything.

Do they stay ahead of the bad guys? Or not?

Do they stay together? $1.99 on Kindle.

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