Love, Redefined

Love, Redefined

A contemporary romance novel with sizzle and sass.

Dumped by her longtime boyfriend, Katrina Love bolts back to her hometown to deal with her heartbreak. Determined to win her ex back, despite the one thing he suddenly wants that she can’t provide – biological children – she sets out to show him exactly what he’s missing out on by reinventing herself into a more exciting person.

To help fund her new mission and life, she reluctantly agrees to become a guest columnist at a local magazine, writing about how to move on after a broken heart. As if she knows anything about that! To make matters worse, she discovers the editor she must work with is her old high school frenemy, Boston. The universe really must hate her.

Despite both their misgivings, Katrina and Boston end up rekindling their friendship, and when old feelings resurface, making them impossible to ignore, Katrina learns that moving on might not be what she expected. $1.29 on Kindle.

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