Her Dirty Billionaires

Her Dirty Billionaires
Why choose when you can have both?

As twins, Mikal and Andrey are the closest of the Serepova brothers. They have similar tastes, run a company together and even live next door to one another. It only stood to reason that they both would be attracted to Giana.

Giana isn’t interested in coming between two brothers, and because of that refuses to go out with either Andrey or Mikal. That is, until they both approach Giana with a proposal.

She will date both of them and decide which one she wants to continue a relationship with after that.

It’s not easy for these two men to hand control over to her, but they do.

There’s just one very big problem.
Giana can’t choose.
She wants them both. $0.99 on Kindle
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