A Best Friend’s Proposal

A Best Friend's proposal
He’s a single dad who’s sworn off women. But who better to act as his fake fiancée than his best friend?

Anesthesiologist Josh knows how to numb his feelings except when it comes to his beloved son. Five year old Noah has gone through enough heartache in his short life after his mother deserted him.

Josh will do anything to protect him but can he conjure up a fake fiancée to help his son fit in at school?

As an ER nurse, Emma is trained to respond to emergencies. When she hears that all her best friend’s son wants is to have a mother to brag about at school, she jumps to fill in that role.

But are her reasons genuine or is it a chance to act out the secret fantasy she has carried most of her life?

Josh has always thought his best friend was hot. Heck, which normal functioning male wouldn’t?

But what happens when his feelings spiral out of control. Will he take the chance or is it too big a risk to lose his best friend, the woman who has been his anchor all his life? $0.99 on Kindle.

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