Free: LingerLust

From the moment Charlie Anderson stepped through the door to his office, his worries of trying to keep his job, finding the perfect woman or fitting into society vanished. His average existence turns into a life so influential, dictating the past or deleting the future will simply become the norm. The survival of the entire human race will depend on the answers Charlie is able to find. Yet the answers Charlie discovers, amongst the ancient cities of Sparta to the chaos of the final moments of t... [Read More...]

Free: The Road from Oblivion (Driving Force Book 1)

Mad Max meets Firefly in a brand-new Post-apocalyptic/SciFi trilogy! As the third-generation captain of the Beast—a century-old earth rover—Swash Jones has endured more than his share of loss. But that’s the way it is for most people in post-apocalyptic North America. To keep his current crew alive, Swash will need to overcome the PTSD that haunts him. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Azazel: The Search For Life After Death

Baffled by his environment, Azazel is confused, caring only to figure out where he is, how he got there, and why he feels compelled to believe that something is wrong. Having no knowledge of his past, he begins to question the setting, taking in hints and clues, in order to piece together his broken memory, from whatever source. $9.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Model Spy

THE MODEL SPY is based on the true story of Toto Koopman, who spied for the Allies and Italian Resistance during World War II. Largely unknown today, Toto was arguably the first woman to spy for the British Intelligence Service. Operating in the hotbed of Mussolini’s Italy, she courted danger every step of the way. As the war entered its final stages, she faced off against the most brutal of forces—Germany’s Intelligence Service, the Abwehr. $6.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Space Village One

Escaping an abusive partner is as tough in 2060 as it was in 2020. You just have farther to run. Running as far as possible was top of Melissa’s list especially as her husband was President of an authoritarian regime the British Democratic Republic. Hence she chose Space Village One a neutral colony of settlers orbiting two hundred and fifty miles above the Earth. $1.04 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Gryphon

A series of books following the dangerous misadventures of Griffin Mannock, a blind reclusive war veteran with extrasensory abilities. The Gryphon Found finds him homeless and on the radar of a London serial killer. In The Gryphon Home, he protects friends and family from unknown killers. In The Gryphon Down, he is betrayed, wanted dead or alive, fighting for his life. In The Gryphon Torn, paying back a favour is murder and is torn between saving a friend, changing the world or protecting his f... [Read More...]

Prepare Your Home for a Sudden Grid-Down Situation: Take Self-Reliance to the Next Level with Proven Methods and Strategies to Survive a Grid-Down Crisis

You can stockpile all the rice you like… but do you know how you’re going to cook it if you’re without power for months on end? If the power grid fails, it’s not just your lights that go out. It’s your water supply. It’s your heating and cooling system. It’s all your usual ways of cooking food or doing the laundry. Without the grid, life as we know it changes in an instant. Are you prepared for that? In Prepare Your Home for a Sudden Grid-Down Situation, you’ll disco... [Read More...]


WHAT’S NOT TRUE is a story with characters readers will love, hate, and totally relate to. Just as a soon-to-be-divorced woman commits to reviving both her career and love life, a conniving woman from her husband’s past forces her to protect and defend what is legally and rightfully hers. By combining an emotionally complex plot with wit and humor, WHAT’S NOT TRUE does for women’s fiction today what Bridget Jones’s Diary did for chick-lit in the 1990s. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Trusting Hearts

In the middle of tourist season in Watercress Falls, there’s nowhere Jessica can go. She has to live with Matthew in her house. He’s different now, but can Jessica learn to forgive his betrayal, let alone trust him again? Or will she walk away from her last chance with her one true love? Trusting Hearts is a steamy full-length STANDALONE romance filled with lots of sexy times in the bedroom (or outdoors by a lake), profanity, and love with a HEA ending! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]