Wearing The Armor of God

On our journey to reach our God-given potential, we will face challenges and obstacles along the way. As we face various situations in life, we are fighting against a spiritual enemy who aims to attack us with doubt, discouragement, chaos, stress, fear, insecurity, fear, low self-esteem and more. While the enemy is armed with various tactics and schemes, God doesn’t leave us helpless and empty-handed.

Wearing the Armor of God reminds us that God stands ready to equip us with special armor to defeat our enemy and win this battle. As we wear the armor, God can protect us from the enemy’s attacks and enable us to experience victory.

•Be prepared by knowing the various tactics used by our spiritual enemy

•Be equipped by understanding the function of each piece of the armor

•Be ready to apply what you’ve learned through the use of personal reflection and discussion questions $3.99 on Kindle.

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