Free: On The Devils Side of Heaven

With the drop of a judge’s gavel, Walt Walker has finally lost everything. The badge and gun he used to carry and the moral certainty of right and wrong, good and evil that used to keep him grounded. Now Walt, sans gun, gets his badges from an Army Navy store. He spends his days in South Florida, working for a boutique insurance firm as their investigator. He spends his nights in dive bars, trying to forget the mess he has made of his life. Ronald Jacobs always preferred the title Human Resou... [Read More...]

War And Romance In Squaw Valley: A Western Historical Romance

Big changes are coming to Squaw Valley, Nevada. Luke Kesler runs a successful horse ranch there and whether he and his neighbors like it or not, the government has approved for the railroad to cut through their land on its way to California. Luke isn’t sure how he feels about the upcoming invasion of tourists and travelers and tries to stay neutral. The men of Squaw Valley are unhappy, however, and scurry about making plans of their own. Plans to stop the caravan of railroad workers before th... [Read More...]

Free: Granted Redemption

The day Grant walked through the doors of Carla’s Kinky Café, the world shifted on its axis for both of them. Grant’s cold dead heart thumped against his ribcage for the first time in a lifetime. Carla’s heart wondered if he’d bring her the one thing she’d always wanted, unconditional love. A cup of coffee, a car, and a confession will bring them together. It will be up to them to decide if their pasts will tear them apart or be their catalyst for redemption. ... [Read More...]

Best Friend’s Sister

He’s a brute and I’m a novelist. How incompatible can we be? I can’t believe my big brother asked this caveman to watch over me. The craziest part? He’s a billionaire who owns a football team. Shouldn’t he have better ways to spend his time? I for one would rather not spend my days fighting with that jerk! But when the lines get blurred and our fights turn into burning desire. How much longer can I keep him at bay? When he tells me, I’ve changed him and mad... [Read More...]

Free: The Missing Ingredient

What do you do when life dares you to take a detour from your well-planned route to personal fulfillment? Would you keep your eyes on the prize and hope you weren’t missing out on something better? Or would you deviate from the yellow brick road and risk it all for love? Seven years after beginning her career in the hospitality industry, Rachel is enjoying a well-earned management position at the Covington Hotel. With a fantastic job, a small circle of loyal friends, and a loving family, what... [Read More...]

Yoga For Beginners: A Simple Guide to the Best Yoga Styles and Exercises for Relaxation, Stretching, and Good Health

If you typically find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted from work and life, Yoga For Beginners is the book for you! You’ll learn how to master the basic yoga poses and develop your awareness of yourself and your body, so you will always know how far you can go—and, more importantly, when to stop a pose or stretch before injuring yourself. You’ll learn easy restorative yoga poses to strengthen your body and powerful meditation techniques to remove stress for work and home. Just imagin... [Read More...]

The Rogue

A massive comet is headed for Mars. The government covers it up, wanting to keep the public in the dark on the threat Earth faces from dislodged asteroids, the comet, and the Red Planet. Luke 21:26, “The planets of the heavens shall be shaken.” Written from a Christian perspective — some characters reference the Bible and exhibit Christian values. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: His Many Rules (Book 1)

Never Again… Love almost stole everything from me. My career being the worst possible loss. I never should have bent the rules and dated a student. And now finally, after years of being alone, a pretty nurse has my attention. Caring, curvy, and so damn smart. She has me pacing the floor at night and wishing for things I thought were long since gone. Every part of me aches for a chance at stealing her breath, her heart, her body—forever. But the joke’s on me. She’s not just a nurse. ... [Read More...]