From Socratic Insights To Platonic Wits

Do you struggle with big questions like what is Truth? Or even smaller ones, like how to make a difficult choice? Maybe to go forward, you need to step back about 2,000 years. This deep dive into Socrates and Platos lives and teachings presents a fresh perspective for those striving for success, work-life balance, meaning, and direction. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Long Time Dead

A decade ago, Joe Turner’s friend, Owen Prescott, faced a murder charge and vanished. Now, haunted by memories and convinced of Owen’s innocence, Joe tackles the cold case as the FBI closes in. The award-winning Joe Turner Mystery series returns with a riveting thriller, delivering a signature twist at the finale. Unlock the latest mystery today. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Wish

Haunted by her choices, mute Elizabeth wishes for a second chance. Transported to 2017, she faces challenges: a lurking stalker, a lost voice, and a recurring coma for her boyfriend. Partnering with Christopher, they unravel secrets in “The Wish,” a magical journey exploring the power to turn regret into the best decision. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

From Riches To Rags: Secrets, Truths, Love

England 1767. Lady Morgan Beaufort is haunted by visions of a young woman who looks just like her. If she’s real, she’s in danger and Morgan has to find her. At her birthday ball, Morgan is caught in the arms of a dangerous man, flees from a forced betrothal, and finds herself in the seedy underbelly of London, kidnapped. Nothing in her pampered upbringing prepares her for the scandalous secrets she uncovers. Nothing prepares her for the love of the man who comes after her. Nothing ... [Read More...]

The Slumville Bastard

The world no longer bleeds. Set deep within the future of an anarchial America, the country has collapsed as man embraces a sudden and infinite reign of immortality. Waking one day to discover death no longer exists, humanity slowly descends into a pit of depravity and darkness upon realizing mankind is no longer afflicted by death. Crime rises. Nations disintegrate. Societies collapses. And people turn the long and wicked knife upon one another as the meaning behind their lives slowly evaporat... [Read More...]

Special Access

Special Access catapults you into a pulse-pounding journey through a world of corruption, where survival hinges on unmasking a sinister truth. Mark A. Hewitt’s gripping inaugural installment in the Duncan Hunter Thriller series delivers a relentless political thriller that will leave you breathless. Read the first three books for only 99 each! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Rock Star’s Wife

The Rock Stars Wife series is a contemporary fiction series about sex, family, and rock & roll. It has elements of chick lit, romance and erotica and is best compared to The Vagina Monologues for its frank talk of sex and its consequences. The series follows Cassandra from her teen years into her 40s as she navigates relationships (both romantic and platonic) all with music playing a prominent role. The series is comprised of eight books and four holiday books publishing between Feb. 2023 a... [Read More...]