Free: The Glorious Companions Series

From Book 1: First in the “Glorious Companions” series of historical romance adventures!

For fans of Outlander, Ahab’s Wife and The Red Tent. The epic saga of kings, queens, angels, adventure and eternal love. Join the heroes of old, and be transported into a land of danger and romance!

When eighteen-year-old Kenana is sold into marriage to the elderly Prince Jubal of Mesopotamia, she’s determined to make the best of the situation, However, she cannot help but wish for what might have been – especially when her strikingly handsome guardian angel, Malluch, returns to her life in a very corporeal form, serving as no small distraction.

Malluch’s mere presence is enough to stir feelings of unrest in Kenana, who holds fast to her resolve to remain faithful to her new husband. But Malluch’s persistence grows, and the new princess begins to question his nature: is he truly her guardian angel or a creature with dubious intentions?

And when word reaches the palace that the Nephilim, giants sired by fallen angels and born of human women, seek to do her harm, Kenana is forced to flee the palace. Now on the run, Kenana will soon discover who’s friend and who’s foe. And, in one case, an unlikely guardian angel…

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