Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine

Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine

Passion is contagious… The year is 2025, love in a pandemic can’t be quarantined in this quirky, satirical romance. Can social distancing turn up the heat, rather than smother the flames? Equal parts witty, steamy, and provocative, the first book in the Luna James Series is filled with unexpected twists.
In a futuristic world of self-driving cars, drone aircraft, and robo-bartenders, Luna James struggles with her career as a social media influencer. A beautiful young Black woman, Luna turns heads wherever she goes. But her introverted personality causes her to write posts under the guise of a pen name. Deep down, she longs to be taken seriously for her writing talents.
Then she meets Stryker Caine…
An aspiring musician and notorious flirt, Stryker finds himself in an impossible situation. A man with a mysterious past, he is one of thousands suffering through the aftermath of the pandemic in New York City. With his radiant blond hair and seductive blue eyes, Stryker is used to getting any girl he wants. But now, social distancing has crippled his sex life.
As the pandemic rages on, this tempestuous pair come down with a serious case of lust. Will love flourish under Quarantine? Will Luna come into her own? Ultimately, who will find redemption? Opposites attract, and anything can happen in this engaging quick read. Featuring original songs. $2.99 on Kindle.

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