Free: Another Fairy Bastard

Another Fairy Bastard

Late to his own murder, Dalton Graham, is assaulted by fairy assassins and on the run. He is accompanied by Umiwyn Nitaku, his former college crush turned lethal and beautiful protector. He will need courage and strength to stay alive, and more than a little luck to discover how to control the mysterious magic that is his birthright before everyone around him is killed to prevent it.

If you like your fantasy a blend of adrenalin, adventure, magic, monsters and a little romantic angst, this book will keep you up all night. Free on Kindle.

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"Another Fairy Bastard" by Ron Randall was first posted on on February 13th, 2021. Each day we feature new free and discounted Kindle books in the Science Fiction & Fantasy genre as well as all other genres.

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