Somewhat Lost: It Was One Bottle of Wine

Somewhat Lost: It Was One Bottle of Wine
Oh my God! Debbies been abducted by aliens.

She wakes up to find four of them looking down at her. They have very big needles, but before they can use them on her Debbie is rescued by a stranger who cant remember who she is. The aliens have memory-blocked her.

Naming her Ellen because she was good at taking down aliens too, Debbie sets off with her on a voyage across the universe. Hunted all the way by the aliens who want their ship back, Debbie and Ellen discover a cosmos filled with civilizations. All of them also want something: community service for sleeping in a public place, pirates with a ransom to collect, a secret military from a mysterious ghost ship, and the emperor of the entire universe who wants nothing more than a nice dinner. As they negotiate their way through it all, making friends and enemies along the way, Debbie and Ellen search for answers to the questions: who is Ellen, where does she come from, why is she aboard this alien ship, and why are these aliens abducting people from Earth?

Somewhat Lost: It Was One Bottle of Wine is a sci-fi first-contact space opera in which Debbie discovers almost no one out there has heard of Earth and it might be better if it stayed that way. $4.99 on Kindle.
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