New York Sonata

New York Sonata
Tessa is a top-flight concert pianist who wont stand for anyone trying to tell her what pieces she should playnot even an attractive, concert-sponsoring billionaire. She gets back at Chuck Brown by seducing him with her special version of the Appassionata played in three movements: at her dinner table, on her piano and in her bedroom. The two embark on a courtship that takes them through the boroughs of New York City. Chuck showers Tessa with sapphires, diamonds and gold. Noting his gifts are store-bought, in contrast to her homemade presents to him, she wonders if this man of many qualities shares enough of her artistic interests and values to fit into her music-centric world. While she grapples with the possibility that their relationship might have no future, Charlie Brown delves into his past, rediscovering skills of yesteryear and his own true name to handcraft a unique gift that will touch her soul.

New York Sonata is a romcom that offers something for everyone.

A heroine as a quirky as Eleanor Oliphant while really being completely fine, and as a passionate as Anna Karenina though indifferent to trains.

Thrilling action! Trips to exotic foreign places across water like Brooklyn and Staten Island! Encounters with dangerous wild animals like Canada geese! A rescue by helicopter from Cleveland!

The wisdom of the entire world wide web, delivered by an AI program moonlighting as a romance consultant.
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