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Keeper of the Secret
Once a misfit dropout, Mike now directs the fate of man versus machine.

In a future where the boundaries between artificial intelligence and human ambition blur, Mike becomes the linchpin in a critical battle of wills. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), an enigmatic digital entity with the power to rewrite the rules of existence, is at the heart of this clash.

Mike experiences the exhilaration and terror of creating an AI startup that develops deep machine-learning secrets for AGI. Finding unexplained anomalies and cryptic AGI messages, Mike embarks on a relentless quest for answers. But international intrigue deepens as Chinese involvement sparks a gripping race against time.

The threat comes from a foreign AGI bent on destruction. With each revelation comes more questions. What are the true intentions of these all-powerful AGIs? A source of salvation or the harbinger of our downfall?

In the showdown, shocking revelations test Mike’s mettle. Can he unveil the AGI’s true potential and prevent a catastrophe of global proportions?

Delve into Keeper of the Secret to discover a future where destiny is written in code and dominance is the ultimate prizea technothriller of crime, mystery, and suspense.

For AI enthusiasts! Free on Kindle.
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