Knocked Up by the Bikers

Knocked Up by the Bikers

“Looks like daddy’s princess has a naughty side.

According to my father I’m not pretty, thin, or perfect enough.
As the mayor of our town, he wages war against the Steel Knights MC.
Too bad Im irresistibly drawn to the very bikers he loathes.

After a day of enduring his endless ridicule,
I come home lost in a haze of forbidden biker fantasies.
Moments later Im in the throes of ecstasy, screaming “Oooh yes!”

A shadowy figure emerges from the darkness.

“You’re coming with me,” he commands.

He proceeds to bring his face inches from mine.

“Play your cards right, and you’ll beg me to make you scream like that.”

The last men I should be attracted to are my captors.

Three ex-military heads of the Steel Knights Motorcycle Club.
Sky, with his tattoos and piercings, pushes me to boundaries I never imagined.
Raylan’s piercing eyes flash as he pleasures me night after night.
And Kendric, the skilled fighter, whispers dirty orders into my ear.

If my father thinks Im a disappointment now
Wait until he discovers Im knocked up by his enemy.

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