Four Steps Missed: A Titus Ray Thriller

CIA covert operative Titus Ray is used to keeping secrets. This time, it’s different.
This time, he’s keeping secrets from his boss, his handler, and his wife.

Operation False Flag is the secret Titus is keeping from his boss . . .
While his boss, Deputy Director of Operations, Robert Ira, would ordinarily be aware of any operation being run out of the Agency, this mission concerns the DDO himself, a mission that could cost him his job.

The whistleblower behind the operation is the secret Titus is keeping from his handler . . .
Even though his handler, Douglas Carlton, has been tasked with directing Operation False Flag, he has no idea Titus knows the identity of the whistleblower who gave the Inspector General the files that set the operation in motion.

The operation itself is the secret Titus is keeping from his wife . . .
Operation False Flag is a Top Secret mission, which means Titus cant share the details with Nikki, but deceiving her about what hes doing is a lot harder and more costly than he thought it would be.

Book VIII in the Titus Ray Thriller Series is an emotional roller coaster ride involving Tituss personal life, his relationships at the CIA, and his desire to live out his Christian faith in the midst of a secret mission, a mission that turns deadly.

What People Are Saying About Titus Ray Thrillers:

The characters are very well-developed and believable. I enjoyed the way the author described Titus Ray’s internal struggles and character flaws creating a very authentic main character. The story was action-packed and one is left wondering how the author could be so knowledgeable of the CIA and the work of their covert operatives.

Excellent read full of action and intrigue, with a dash of soul mixed in for good measure.

A fast paced story line full of cliffhangers, conspiracy and romance!

I’m definitely hooked on this series. Much suspense, twists and turns.

I recommend these books for all who enjoy good clean fiction, especially involving current events in the world. I like the development of the characters and their relationship.
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