Free: Made Ov Me: Journey of a Dark Shaman Trilogy Book 3

Made Ov Me: Journey of a Dark Shaman Trilogy Book 3
In the final book of the Journey of a Dark Shaman Trilogy, Jack Daw finds himself balanced between the joy of finding his purpose, and the terror of losing all access to a functioning body and mind.

Made Ov Me is the exploration of how to find personal strength and freedom when all is lost, and its in Jacks three visitors where he discovers his deepest personal truths. His Brother is the first person to meet Jack in his failing condition. A meeting that his husband Thad encourages, but Jack resists because of so much toxic familial blood in the past.

After the couple learns what family is to them, Jack has the opportunity to spend a few days with Thad Piersons personal teacher and guru, Dr. Rosalyn Thames, who shows Jack ancient shamanic traditions and blows wide-open his understanding of whats possible in the now.

With Jacks health continuing to fail, he is taken by Master Journeyman and Shaman Jonathan into the future where he has the opportunity to witness what lays ahead for humanity and its in this possibility of what man can be to both the Earth and our future generations, that Jack eventually finds a place he always believed was there. Home. Free on Kindle.
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