Free: Onvi’s Whimsical Adventure to Blemeron

Onvi's Whimsical Adventure to Blemeron
Join Onvi Basileus in a fantastical adventure to the luxurious cabin of Opinen Tigrossein the Third in order to steal a painting of Queen Asima that will most likely elicit less excitement than the actual journey itself. A tad satirical, a tad adventurous, a tad enticing, Onvi’s Whimsical Adventure to Blemeron provides everything and perhaps too much of what a reader might want from a short story. And yet you’re still reading this? What else do you want? Everything you can imagine awaits at Mount Blemeron! Free on Kindle.
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"Onvi’s Whimsical Adventure to Blemeron" by Matthew Normand was first posted on on October 26th, 2023. Each day we feature new free and discounted Kindle books in the Science Fiction & Fantasy genre as well as all other genres.

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