Tempting the Titan (A Monster Lite Spicy Romance)

Tempting the Titan (A Monster Lite Spicy Romance): Monster Between the Sheets: Season 2
The feisty little female I hired to work as a receptionist in my detective agency is proving to be a delectable handful. Celeste is a temptress. She stirs long-forgotten desires with her delicious curves and sassy comebacks. But as tempting as she is, I need to remain professional. Losing myself in her sweetness could unleash the monster slumbering within me, and when he comes out to play, he won’t settle for anything less than possessing Celeste body and soul.

My heart belongs to a 7-foot, growly monosyllabic detective. Atlas lives by strict rules and keeps his distance, but he can’t conceal the fire in his eyes whenever his gaze meets mine. I’m crazy about him, but his fear of revealing his true self makes him a tough case to crack. If my cautious Titan is the prize, I’ll work overtime to make him mine.

Tempting the Titan is a Monster Lite romance. Try it if you love a blend of age gap, curvy girl, primal play, voyeuristic thrills, and irresistibly hot size difference—no cheating, no cliffhangers—pure sizzling satisfaction. $2.99 on Kindle

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