Something Scandalous, Treacherous, and Black

Something Scandalous, Treacherous, and Black
You are gathered here today to witness the scandalous union of Paige and Joshua.

The only problem is Paige is still in love with Leo, her college sweetheart, and Joshua has been sleeping with Joey, the best man.

Unknown to the couple, Joey plans to sabotage the wedding because he is in love with Joshua. To further complicate things, Chelsea, their new wedding planner, wants to humiliate Paige to get back at her for their messy past with Leo.
Paige and Joshua are friends; more than that, they are engaged to be married. No, obviously not for love but to find their individual happiness. Joshua needs to marry a woman to keep his inheritance, and in return for entering this loveless marriage, Joshua will pay off the debt that looms over Paige’s parents. It is a win-win! The issue is that betrayal, scandal, and a deadly accident lie below the surface of this simple marriage for convenience. $0.99 on Kindle.
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