Della & Archie: A Saddles & Scoundrels Novella

Della & Archie: A Saddles & Scoundrels Novella
A Victorian-era romance inspired by Sleeping Beauty. As children, Della and Archie were nearly inseparable. They raced horses. They played cards. They made bets. But Della has loved Archie as long as she knew what love was and Archie has been clueless for that very same time. When Della is sure Archie will propose, and he instead leaves on a tour of the continent, Dells swears she’ll never allow her heart to be trampled on again—certainly not by Archie. So when her best friend becomes engaged to Archie’s older brother…and Della knows they’ll be forced to be together…she is more determined than ever to keep old feelings asleep and buried. Archie has always assumed that Della would be there for him when he was ready to marry, but her coldness over the past several years makes little sense, and neither does the stiff manner in which she greets him now. Determined to win her heart and right his wrong, Archie sets himself on a path to convince the only woman he’s ever loved that he is worthy of a second chanceDella and Archie is a Victorian-Era romantic comedy and is inspired by the fairytale, Sleeping Beauty. This re-telling is part of the Saddles and Scoundrels clean historical romance series. $0.99 on Kindle.
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